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Frequently Asked Questions

We heard a lot about your cookies! What makes them so special?

They aren't called "too beautiful to eat" cookies for no reason! Our emphasis is placed on both the taste as well as the design of the cookies as we equally value both. By using only premium ingredients in our recipe, we make sure that every bite is rich yet delicate (and making you wanting more). 

What are the ingredients in these cookies, and are they nut-free? 

We believe in simplicity. Our recipe includes flour, egg, sugar, and butter. Although our cookies are nut-free, cross-contamination is likely and therefore we do not guarantee it.

How do I store the cookies and maintain their freshness?

Our cookies stay fresh for up to 8 weeks! Just store the cookies at room temperature in a box, or plastic container, covered with a cloth,  and they will maintain their freshness and taste (guaranteed!). 

How far in advance should I place my order?

Depending on the season, we often say the earlier, the better. We usually require at least 15 day notice, if we are not already fully booked for the month. We do accommodate rush orders for 10% fee, if possible, so do send us a quick email!

Do you create corporate logos? 

Yes! We have been creating corporate logos and hosting many corporate events. While precision is important to us, please note that corporate logos are hand-drawn and hand-painted, using mainly eye-hand coordination, without stencils or projectors. In other words, your order supports local art, 100%. 

What is your adjustment and cancellation policy?

You can adjust your order up to 11 days prior to the event if the order is less than 40. This means you can increase or decrease the numbers, as needed, and change the colour of your order. Design changes are possible, and only in certain circumstances, otherwise, they are set. Orders larger than 40 can be adjusted two-weeks prior to the event. 

As for order cancellations, there is a 50% cancellation fee if orders are cancelled 5-7 days prior to the event date as listed on the invoice. You can completely cancel your order 14 days prior to the event date for a full refund. 

We do not issue refunds once orders are confirmed and processed in the case where we have begun the baking process. 

Do you cater weddings or offer custom wedding favours?

Yes! We work closely with brides & grooms and offer a variety of designs they can choose from. We also offer three wedding packages to choose from that save you a little more on larger quantities. 

How do I lock in an order in advance?


Simply fill out the Order Form under "Contact". Please note, order and event date are not guaranteed until full payment is received to lock it in. Only after full payment is received via EMT the order is processed through our system.  

Do you offer delivery or pick-up?


We are pick-up only, and located about 15 minutes from Orleans Mall. 

Can I pick up my order before my event date?

Unfortunately, no. The date listed on your invoice is the official pick-up date. We are usually working up to your event date and accommodating multiple orders at the same time. 

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